Examples of Government Regulations That Are Eroding Our Freedoms, Holding Back The Economy, Costing Us Money, And What We Can Do About It

Government regulations are reducing our freedoms, holding back the economy, and inflating the prices of most everything we purchase. Dale W. Cox and his wife, LeAnne, have experienced this firsthand while they have operated businesses of various types. Rules and regulations are continually increasing and changing, and the effect they have had on their life, their businesses, and their customers have left Cox frustrated and concerned for the future of freedom in our country. He realized that most people don’t understand what is happening, or how it directly affects them in their everyday lives.

In Get the HECK Out of Our Way!, he shares specific examples of situations we can all relate to including buying a car and a gallon of milk, how regulations affect such purchases from a cost and choice standpoint, and how our freedoms are affected. Cox’s hope is that as people become aware of the reality of the current situation in the United States, they will be able to use some of the ingenious ideas and tools described in Get the HECK Out of Our Way! to peacefully demand a return to the principles that made our country truly exceptional.


From Self-Publishing Review: ​​
“Cox provides a large number of examples about the pitfalls of regulation that should be eye-opening to just about anyone. Cox’s prose is straightforward, almost as if he were having an impassioned conversation. The book is very much a call to arms, so for those with a laissez-faire approach to the economy, Get the Heck Out of Our Way! will be inspiring and informative, as it provides a comprehensive examination of government overreach.”  Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★ The full review
“…the books is at its best when describing vivid personal experiences . . . Cox presents a good case that laws should be easier to understand and the government should be more transparent.” – Kirkus Reviews

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