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Homeschool Summit Online Convention Specials

Deals are valid October 16-24 Only! The specials are as good as at a convention, so take advantage while you can!

Homeschool Summit deals end in:








Offer 1: 36% off all monthly subscriptions…for as long as you keep it! No coupon needed if you use the links below….give it a try!  You can cancel anytime.  The BEST DEAL is All The Edible Knowledge!

Offer 2:  10% off the whole physical store (excluding the Large Kit for the Physics course)!  Use Code SUMMIT2023.

Offer 3: Free Shipping on orders over $55! Use Code SUMMIT2023Note: excludes kits – buy kits in a separate order to get free shipping on books

We have Edible Knowledge offerings for the whole family! Plus, LEGO® physics!
See below.

FOR COOKS OF ALL AGES:   The Edible Knowledge for the Curious Cook short courses (30-60 minutes) take the mystery out of mystery ingredients and teach you food science principles that can help you be a better cook!  With 38+ courses currently available, at least 1 new course released each month and over 150 in the works, you have years of useful new Edible Knowledge in your future!

 The Hungry Students Subscription includes 3 experiment-based Full Semester courses and 2 other self-paced online courses.  For ages 6 through high school, The Hungry Students Subscription gives you access to them all!  Perfect for homeschool students.  

FOR EVERYONE:  All The Edible Knowledge Subscription gives you access to EVERYTHING in The Hungry Students and The Edible Knowledge for the Curious Cook subscriptions. 

FOR STUDENTS: Many like a physical book, even when taking an online course.  All print courses and online courses stand alone, but they also work nicely together.  Note:  Introduction to Physics & Engineering, which uses LEGO® bricks, is not scheduled to be online.  

The Edible Knowledge® Course Series