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Welcome!  Your homeschool science challenges are about to get easier.  Please watch this 3 minute video to find out how.  (Don't miss the special offers below!)

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 The Hungry Students Subscription includes 3 experiment-based Full Semester courses and 2 other self-paced online courses.  For ages 6 through high school, The Hungry Students Subscription gives you access to them all!  Perfect for homeschool students.  

,Food Science is the Science of Cooking. You see it every day, in the kitchen, at a restaurant, and in your gallon of milk! It answers questions like:

  • Why do egg whites turn white? Why don’t they turn clear again when they cool down?
  • Beef can be tough when fried in a pan, or the same piece super tender after 2-3 hours in an oven. What’s going on there?
  • How do bread and cakes rise? (It’s an entirely different process for both!)
  • Why can meat, like salami and pepperoni, sit out of the fridge and not spoil?
  • Why does broccoli go from bright green to dull green, and turn to mush so quickly when you’re cooking it?

Also, did you know that pretty much everything you see when you go in a grocery store had food scientists behind it? Food science, combining all the sciences, isn’t just super interesting…it can be a great career! We have self-paced online courses, digital downloads, e-books, and print courses with prices to fit every budget.  And don’t miss our physics course using LEGO® bricks, which includes a food science experiment as part of the Edible Knowledge series.  

The Edible Knowledge® course series introduce food science, and more! Take a look: adults and young students are loving it!

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