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The Edible Knowledge for the Curious Cook series explores the food science behind your favorite foods, explaining all the ingredients and processes.  Designed for cooks of all ages, these 30 to 90 minute courses will help you be a better cook!  With many available and 150 in the works, subscribing is the best option.



The Hungry Students Subscription includes all full Edible Knowledge introductory food science courses, some extras, and access to the Edible Knowledge Community.  Full courses include Food Science Course 1 and Food Science for Kids!  Food Science Course 2: Water is in development.



All The Edible Knowledge is the ultimate subscription, giving you access to everything Edible Knowledge® has to offer. All the full courses, every Edible Knowledge for the Curious Cook® course, many extras, and access to the Edible Knowledge Community. Click the image for more information.



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