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You got it!  Let’s rock some physics and engineering using LEGO bricks!

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Dale Cox
Food Scientist
LEGO® Brick Enthusiast
Original Star Wars® Nut


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Introduction to Physics and Engineering

This workbook engages your brain with physics fundamentals, then lets your creative side participate, learning how this knowledge is used by engineers. The best part is using LEGO® building bricks as the perfect medium to reinforce your learning by assembling custom machines that actually work. Constructing and experimenting with these models helps to solidify the concepts developed in each chapter. Physics and engineering have never been so much fun! Let the author’s love and enthusiasm for food science and LEGO® bricks excite your imagination. Beakers & Bricks knows you will enjoy this approach to learning about physics and engineering!

  • Instructions for 16 custom models
  • Detailed and in depth explanation of physics principles and how they translate to useful tools
  • Application of principles through engineering  of model machines, with a view into the real world
  • Since this is an Edible Knowledge® series workbook, it contains a fun and interesting food science experiment as well…as a hook to introduce you to the food science books!

You’ll never have had so much fun learning physic and engineering principles.  What can be better than using LEGO bricks to learn? (Note: I am a LEGO brick enthusiast, and have more bricks than a human should be allowed to have, so am a little biased…but trust me, you’ll have fun while you’re learning!)

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