Hello, everyone!  I am excited to make my first post to my website blog.  I am working with some people who are helping me utilize social media to get the word our regarding my efforts as an author.  In January I published Get the HECK Out of Our Way! Examples of Government Regulations that are Eroding Our Freedoms, Holding Back the Economy, and Costing Us Money and What We Can Do About It.  ​I am very passionate about what I tried to say in this book.  As my first attempt, it is far from perfect, and I have learned a lot about how to share a message such as this one.  My primary message is the need for everyone to educate themselves and not be led by a short news clip, or by nothing at all.  There is too much at stake, including the future of freedom in this country for ourselves and especially for the generations that follow us.  They need us to open our eyes and make the difficult choices today.  We can’t rely on those in government to do this for us, particularly when we, as citizens, clamor for government to continue to solve any issue that crops up.  It all comes at a cost, and I have come to realize that not many people understand what is actually happening.  Through my and my wife’s efforts to run businesses, then talking with friends doing the same, it is blatantly obvious now the problems we face.

I had some exciting news this week in that two media outlets want to interview me:  ​Ken Morgan and Mark Asher, hosts of ​Business for Breakfast ​on Money Radio​ out of Phoenix on 105.3FM will be interviewing me on April 27 at 6:30 AM PT/9:30 ET.  This will be my first interview, I am a little nervous, but again passionate about the message I want to share.

Also exciting news this week is that Beakers & Bricks, LLC, a company my wife and I formed, has finally published the first two workbooks in a series we have trademarked, called ​Edible Knowledge.  We are very excited about these workbooks that are aimed at the homeschool market, and designed to share my love of science, and food science in particular (I have 23 years experience in the food industry with advanced degrees in food science).  I am going to the Maryland Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE) annual Curriculum Fair in Frederick this Friday and Saturday, April 20 and 21 to see what people think.  I will also have copies of ​Get the HECK Out of Our Way!​ for sale there.   I am excited about this opportunity!

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