It has been a busy couple of weeks!  I mentioned in my last post that I was going to a homeschool curriculum fair where I would be working on selling my first two workbooks in the Edible Knowledge series and getting feedback for the first time from actual consumers.  I am happy to report that the feedback was very good!  Food Science is not a well-known career path, but it is a great one.  I found many very interesting people to talk with regarding food science and sold quite a few workbooks as well.  My next fair is May 16-18 in Williamsburg, Virginia.  There is a lot of information regarding these workbooks at

I have also been very active trying to get the word out regarding ​Get the HECK Out of Our Way! .   ​I had my first media interview, with Money Radio out of Phoenix, Arizona.  You can listen to it on my website at  I hope to have additional opportunities to get the word out, as I am passionate about the subject material, and am beating the bushes trying to find opportunities.  I believe it is crucial at this time to make changes to how government has come to operate, taking several steps back to how issues used to be handled.

It was interesting getting ready for the first interview.  I was working on trying to boil down what I was trying to say to just three main points.  It was difficult to do, and I ended up with something a little different.  I cheated, of course, in that the first point has several sub-points:


·         Reduces our freedoms as we give government control over our lives little by little.

·         Costs money.  Every regulation costs money, which contributes directly and indirectly to the cost of everything about living;

·         Can hold back the economy, stunting growth.  This has been demonstrated time and time again when regulations are lifted, job growth takes off and the economy begins a growth cycle.


I explain many times my book that regulations are necessary, but they have to be kept to an absolute minimum.

My second point is crucial for us to understand, which is that the current situation is OUR FAULT.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that more and more when something happens we don’t like, we demand that government fix it for us.  Increasingly, we demand that the federal government fix it for us.  This is exactly the opposite of what is needed, and unfortunately those in the Congress and the Executive branch are typically more than happy to oblige our requests.  Every time we ​ask ​for a new law or regulation, it gives government a little more control over our lives, little by little, just as I said in my first point.  Freedoms are reduced.

Most problems can be handled by ourselves if we were to take personal responsibility for our lives, our families, and our actions.  If we can’t handle something, almost all the rest can be handled by local government.  By local, I mean cities and counties.  Very rarely should the state have to get involved, and almost never should we need to involve the federal government.  This is how the country was run all the way up until the early to mid-1900’s.  After that, changes have crept in and accelerated to the point where we are today, with approaching 200,000 pages in the Code of Federal Regulations, all of us have violated some law or regulation that we didn’t even know about.  And all of us have paid for them, and continue to pay for them, every day.

Which brings me to my third point, which is we have the ability to reverse course.  We need to step back and resist the urge to demand someone else fix our problems.  We have the intelligence to fix them ourselves locally.  This is less expensive, allows for local solutions that make more sense for the people that live there, and retains control over our lives.  We must have the courage when there is a crisis of any sort to think with a calm mind to think and reason about what a federal or state regulation would have on our lives, then try and persuade our families and neighbors to resist this temptation as well.  Right now, this is a very unpopular action to take.

One last note is that I believe it will take more than just our actions to bring the federal government back to what are supposed to be its primary, limited functions.  I am active in promoting a Convention of States under Article 5 of the Constitution. This, I believe, will give us the most chance at making the needed changes fast enough to avoid a catastrophe.  I encourage all of you to take a look at and learn more about this initiative.  It does require support from the states, which will come as people request their state representatives support the initiative.

Of course (and you know this if you listened to my radio interview) I didn’t manage to get hardly any of all this out in the radio interview.  It is somewhat therapeutic to get it all down here.  Perhaps at my next interview I can get more out!

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