Struggling as the year starts?  Some thoughts to get you starting your homeschool…

Are you new to starting homeschool and feeling a little overwhelmed?  Hang in there, it’s not as hard as it may seem right now!  Remember, you don’t have to get it all figured out on day one.  In fact, you probably won’t have it all figured out on the last day, but you will have grown and learned a bunch, and if you do it right, had quite a bit of fun as well!

A few things to remember

  • You need time to get going and find what works for your family.  Make sure to give yourself that time and not get overly concerned when weeks and months pass and you are still struggling a bit.  Once you find what works this time time will come back. With many homeschooled children finishing high school at a younger age than their public schooled counterparts….and also better prepared for college.
  • Try different curriculums, and don’t be afraid to switch.  Many parents get stuck by following the same thing just because they have done it already.  With many online programs available, this “momentum” that used to be a roadblock for trying new things is more of a small bump in the road.  If it isn’t working, try something else! You and your children will be glad you did.
  • Whatever curriculum you find, remember that by choosing to homeschool you and your children can do whatever you want!  There are tons of electives that can make all the difference for having a thriving learning experience at home.  For example, the Edible Knowledge® courses are highly engaging homeschool science electives that provide useful science knowledge through food science, physics, and engineering print and online courses. Look at what your children like, and then do some searching to find what fits their interests.  The sky’s the limit when you homeschool, so have some fun! Some ideas for finding good courses can be found in this post: Making Homeschool Science Easy for Middle or High School. While the article references middle and high school, the same strategies are good curricula for any age.
  • Do recognize that it won’t ever be easy.  Having said that, most great things in life are not easy, but require a bit of effort and work.  Well taught homeschooled children, ready to tackle the world and make a difference for what is good is certainly one of those “great things”.

So again…hang in there, it’s worth the struggle. I will reiterate once again: the best things about homeschooling is the ability to tailor the education to your child and you.  Don’t ever feel locked into one curriculum. Make the most of the endless options that will allow you to expose your child to more career options than you ever thought possible.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of work, but it will be some.  You can do it!