Two of my sons, ages 15 and 10, took the food science course and worked on it together. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from it when I signed them up. I am very into nutrition, and feared the course would not align with my view that the more natural the better. That was not a problem at all. I was surprised at how great the course is. Seriously, I didn’t have to prompt my sons to do the course. They eagerly volunteered to do food science, even before I started their homeschooling for the year. They found most of the information very interesting, and as my older son said: he learned answers to questions he never thought to ask. They found it fascinating to see how commercial food is actually made, and they learned very practical knowledge too. For example, when we were cutting apples and putting them in water with lemon juice to prevent browing, my son told me, that is a good idea because it changes the protein so it can’t bond with the oxygen (I think), thus preventing browning, and then added that vitamin C would work even better. The information in the course is interesting and useful.

I would recommend this as a semester course for middle school or high school science, but it could also count as a health course, as it has a great deal of information on proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and health related information. I loved that this course was self-explanatory and easy to follow, so I didn’t have to go through it with them and step them through, which in my opinion rather defeats the purpose of an online course. Overall, I thought the course was great and my boys enjoyed it.

Renee Greene

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