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Food Science courses for the whole family teach the Science of Cooking!

FOR COOKS:  Check out out the food science behind your favorite foods and learn some Edible Knowledge® that can make you a better cook!  The Edible Knowledge for the Curious Cook™ courses are designed for adults, but high school students will also enjoy them.  Subscription options are available.

FOR CHILDREN/HOMESCHOOLERS: Edible Knowledge® science courses are designed to make teaching science easyLow cost experiments, no strange things to buy, and designed to be student run if needed. Best of all, interesting and engaging material that is useful everydayPrint and self-paced online courses for ages 6 through high school.

Review: "My mother signed me up for this course, so I had no idea what I was getting into. When I started it, I thought, "This looks promising. The teacher doesn't talk slowly and bore me." Then I got into the course and found it fascinating. It answered questions that I never even thought to ask. It's really fun to find out what causes every day things you observe. It had a good combination of technical and conceptual. Overall, I'd say the course is great and worth taking. I would recommend it to anyone considering this course.  Rated 5 out of 5."  Michael G., age 14

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