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Review: "My mother signed me up for this course, so I had no idea what I was getting into. When I started it, I thought, "This looks promising. The teacher doesn't talk slowly and bore me." Then I got into the course and found it fascinating. It answered questions that I never even thought to ask. It's really fun to find out what causes every day things you observe. It had a good combination of technical and conceptual. Overall, I'd say the course is great and worth taking. I would recommend it to anyone considering this course.  Rated 5 out of 5."  Michael G., age 14

COMING November 2020! Edible Knowledge® for Foodies!  Self-paced online short courses that teach you the food science behind your favorite foods.  

Edible Knowledge® science courses are designed to make your life easyLow cost experiments, no strange things to buy, and designed to be student run if needed. Best of all, interesting and engaging material that will be used everyday.  Print and self-paced online courses for ages 6 through high school are  great for your homeschool science curriculum!

Edible Knowledge® courses teach food science, physics, and engineering.  Designed by a Professional Food Scientist, the food science courses include kitchen-based experiments to reinforce new concepts from each section. The physics and engineering course uses custom developed LEGO® brick models to strengthen students' understanding.

Food Science is the Science of Cooking. You see it every day, in the kitchen, at a restaurant, and in your gallon of milk!  It answers questions like:

  • Why do egg whites turn white?
  • Why do cut apples turn brown?  Can I do something about it? (Yes!)
  • Beef is tough when fried in a pan, but super tender after 2-3 hours in an oven. What's going on there?
  • How do bread and cakes rise? (It’s an entirely different process for both!)
  • Why can pepperoni sit out of the fridge and not spoil?
  • Why does broccoli change color and turn to mush so quickly when you’re cooking it?

We have self-paced online courses, digital downloads, e-books, and print courses with prices to fit every budget.

Want help finding what fits your needs? A few clicks through the below link will help you find your course.  If you'd like a little more information direct from Food Scientist Dale Cox, below is a short 3-minute video. 

The Edible Knowledge® Course Series

Free Shipping on orders over $35 - Always!

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