Dale Cox

Dale Cox is a professional food scientist, holding a BS and MS in Food Science, and is also a licensed general contractor.  He grew up living all over the country while his father served in the Air Force and also lived for two years in Mexico while serving a mission for his church.  In addition to his passion for food science and digging in the dirt (see one of his YouTube channels for some skid steer action!), Dale is a LEGO® brick enthusiast and is a certified original Star Wars Nut.  For over 23 years he has worked in the food industry for many well-known companies developing new products and improving food manufacturing facilities.

Together with his wife, LeAnne, and others, he has run several businesses, including various real estate investment ventures, mobile home park ownership and operation, and land development.  Currently as owner and founder of Beakers & Bricks, LLC he develops print and self-paced online food science and physics courses for students of all ages, including the homeschool community.  Much of his time is spent creating new editions to the popular Edible Knowledge for the Curious Cook short course series designed to help cooks improve their skills through food science knowledge. 

Dale’s food philosophy is to eat as close to nature as often as we can and use convenience foods in moderation and without guilt when we need the convenience or want a treat.  He believes that knowledge gives us the power to avoid being scared by whatever current food fad exists.  Teaching this everyday useful knowledge, what he calls Edible Knowledge, is the primary mission of his company.

He has a great passion and love of history, especially for the Constitution of the United States of America and for preserving the freedoms enjoyed by its citizens.  Dale and LeAnne have three children and reside in Asheboro, North Carolina.

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